Why Abia State House of Assembly Inauguration Failed To Hold

Why Abia State House of Assembly  Inauguration Failed To Hold The Abia State House of Assembly was as quiet as a grave yard today, except for The presence of few civil servants moving around.

Unlike other Houses of Assembly nationwide that witnessed beehive of guest who came to participate in the swearing in of the new legislative arm of government in their states.
In case of Abia state, the inauguration was suspended by the clerk of the house whose capacity to do so is still be questioned by the opposition party APGA.

The clerk of Abia state house of assembly suspended the inauguration based on the fact that Isiala Ngwa South House of assembly seat is still vacate due to contention between PDP and APGA for the certificate of return. The clerk insisted that the house will not be inaugurated until it is complete 24 members.

APGA members elect and the party leadership have contested both the power of the clerk to suspend the Inauguration and the 24 members must seat rule. APGA leadership are saying that the clerk is misusing the application of the constitutional rule that mandates that all houses of assembly must not be less than 24 seats, but that the section does not mandate that 24 members must seat before inauguration holds.

The information reaching us is that political maradona play is the main reason behind the suspension of inauguration and all the battle is targeted towards who becomes Speaker of the House.
Thursday has been rumored to be slated for the inauguration..
Abians are watching.